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How Can I Use Enewsletters For Online Learning?

Online Learning

You divide the course you want to teach over a certain period (number of weeks, months). You then release the course automatically with the help of an AutoResponse program. You can add special Chatroom Sessions as appropriate.

How Can I Promote Online Products In ENewsletters?

Online Products

Many ENewsletter programs offer capability for excellent image reproductions of your products with click-thru to your website and Merchant Account. Just start promoting your most popular products and your cash register will start to ring!

How Can I Use Coupon Promotions In ENewsletters?

Coupon Promotions

Coupons and incentive offers lend themselves very well to eNewsletters. In many programs, click-thru options are available for product information, order forms, etc. This will, in many cases, immediately facilitate the sale.

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